10 State Colour Lithographic Print

Photocopy transfers, automatic writing, greasy ink smearing, destructive erasure, purposefully removing aspects. My face is distorted, reworked, layered and written over as an automatic response to the subconscious. Temporal moments and emotions get caught into layered lithographic states. Counter etches and hard, wet washouts break and wear down the surface of the stone, corrupting the properties it had to hold intricate detail and soft tones.

The unintelligible words that cannot be read are reflections, meditations of what is happening to this world surrounding me. Tones of yellow mingle with Shades of red, muddling browns; as if reflection of the forge on a blacksmiths wall, the fire of the furnace and like Galadriel’s mirror, a vision of the future state of our Earth. Thinking of Mike Parr’s abrasive etchings, Robert Rauschenberg’s layered photo-lithographs, Hatari, Iceland’s anti-capitalist bondage techno Eurovision entrant.

Expressing Frustrations with careless politicians, the wanton destruction of our environment that sustains us and a feeling isolation in this overcrowded space we all inhabit alone. The scream of the scratch across the stone, rushed writing backward. I was there but now I’m gone. Words merge together to create forms, covering me. I come up for air but my legibility then sinks beneath the wave of words, drowning. A Dead end.

Shortlisted for the RACT Tasmanian Portrait Prize - Special Consideration

Wesley Miles The Scream of the Scratchfilter_edited_edited.jpg