Slide projectors, Lithographically Printed Slides.

Performance with Cassette Tapes, Radios, Audio Equipment.

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I spent a few days at my lowest point. Sat behind a typewriter and let all of my negative thoughts and feelings spew out. Nonsensical, hard to follow and largely gibberish. Etching them into the stone and printing them for slides to project, the sporadic nature of the image-text pushes the viewer deeper into perceived opacity. Only seeing flash glimpses in, like fragmented thought. Overlapping in and out erratically. Processes of ideas, presented audibly as the shifting flow of thought pattern, as a sonic mess. As electric signal is converted in to radio waves, it loops around and influences itself, generating sine-waves, multiplying its energy to the point of distortion.

Awarded the Contemporary Art Tasmania Prize 2019 


©2019 by Wesley Miles Artist.