I am an emerging artist currently based in Hobart. Having grown in Melbourne before emigrating to Hobart to develop my approach to artistic practice; first seeing myself as a drawer and mark-maker, then introducing print making and a period working with low fi digital image creation, I moved to seeing myself as a post-expressionist painter. A temporary abandonment of paint, I found myself exploring sculpture as well as sound and large volume multi-state single addition printing as a way to explore the unknowns of my own sub-consciousness.

My work is rough, and has an unpolished finish, working from initial ideas and exploring my personal impact on a surface before changing the protective layers and re-approaching. Recently I have discovered the process of blacksmithing and have become entranced in my own ability to move such a ridged material, with its seeming ease and ability to frustrate, something that needs to be understood. I find myself most enjoying my practice when it involves the moments of joyful surprise and search for this within any material that I come across, be it metal, ink, or the disruption radio waves.

My direction is to focus on collaborative exhibition projects with a strong focus on skill sharing and communal knowledge gathering. Taking part in artists residences, the gathering new skills and absorbing how different artistic communities work, to come to terms with the changing face of the world anthropologically, seeing how people interact with place and themselves and responding through that. To invite people into studio spaces, creating machines and tools that can be communally utilised and to create work from the material consumed.